Our story

Fashion comes and goes… but we will always need socks!
The sock, a given garment in our wardrobe, a simple must to keep our feet warm. There is a myriad of variations, everything from cheap to overpriced socks, crazy prints to plain, to long and short.

Why start a new brand of socks? Well, the idea was born out of a few friends discussing the relation: socks and fashion. Why are there no stylish socks that may be worn casually as well as for business? Conversations were had as to how the ultimate sock might look. The next step was to let a good designer create fantastic prints where both playfulness and leisure were combined for a unique sense of style. Quality together with the right material is essential. We wanted seamless, breathable socks for the most comfortable fit possible.

A new business took shape and a new kind of sock was born, Tag Socks. A Swedish designer brand, focusing on quality and innovative design. So why the name Tag Socks one might ask? Well, the sock is unique in its branding; not only by quality and design, but easily recognized by its very own Tag fitted on to all our socks. This Tag bringing about an instant sense of style, and a feeling of pride to be wearing and walking in a pair of Tag Socks.

In Norrköping, during the 1800th century, the textile industry grew rapidly. In fact half of Sweden´s clothing manufacturing happened there. The centre of the rag trade, so to speak. As this is also where the company of Tag Socks is based, we like to acknowledge and honour the history of Norrköping as one of Sweden´s major producer of textiles.